Jada Rankin’ Stuff: Top 5 Men Of Bachelor Nation

As a member of the LEVEL team, one of my favorite things to brainstorm for is our Just Rankin’ Shit franchise, where everything is ranked, from the best chicken sandwiches to the greatest punctuation signs.

It could use some girl energy.

I’m geeked to present the first-ever Jada Rankin’ Stuff. And of course, it’s The Bachelor-related.

5. Wells Adams (JoJo Fletcher’s season)

Wells is the total definition of adorable. He’s now engaged to Sarah Hyland (you’ll hardly see them without each other!), but he also doubles as bartender/therapist on Bachelor In Paradise. A cutie if I’ve ever seen one.

4. Clay Harbor (Becca Kufrin’s season)

Did I just post a gratuitous photo of Clay, with abs and arms glistening? Why, yes, I did. My JRS, my rules. The former footballer was a slow burn on Becca’s season, but he did break a few hearts on Bachelor In Paradise. We know he’s a soft-spoken dude who's serious about his workouts. Definitely ‘bout it bout it.

3. Peter Kraus (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Many say Peter Kraus was the true love of Rachel Lindsay’s season, but he got sent home when he refused to propose on the show. Get this: he wanted to date after the show and really get to know her. I mean, their breakup was so emotionally raw it broke my heart. Her loss is Hinge’s gain.

2. Mike Johnson (Hannah B’s season)

The killer smile. The athletic body! Mike Johnson went on to romance Demi Lovato when he exited The Bachelorette, so you know he’s got a special something. And many believed that Mike would be the first Black lead on The Bachelor in the show’s history. We’ll get to root for Matt James next year, but Mike could have gotten a girl to step out of a limo.

1. Dale Moss (Clare Crawley’s season)

Dang, Dale. We only got to see this beautiful man for a couple of episodes before he got down on one knee and proposed to Clare Crawley. I’m not mad, sister. But it would have been nice to stare into those dreaming eyes for an entire season. I’m just saying.



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